美国电视剧《纸牌屋》根据同名小说改编的一部政治剧。主要描述一个冷血无情的美国国会议员及与他同样野心勃勃的妻子在华盛顿白宫中运作权力的故事。 主人公弗莱西斯是美国国会众议院多数党党鞭(多数党督导),是一个老谋深算的职业政客,他坚信新当选的美国总统及其幕僚背叛了他,于是发誓要将这一任总统赶下台,他不择手段展开一系列部署。

1、There are twokinds of pain.The sort of pain that makes you strong…or useless pain…The sort of pain that’s onlysuffering.I have no patience for useless things.I have no patience for useless things.Moments like this require someone who will act…or do the unpleasant thing,or the necessary thing.There…No more pain.


2、Give and take.Welcome to Washington.


3、I love that woman.I love hermore than sharks love blood.


4、A person’s character isn’t determined by how he or she enjoys vitory but rather howhe or she endures defeat.Nothing can help us endure dark times better than our faith.


5、Forward! That is the battle cry.Leave ideologies for the Armchair General,does me no good.


6、Power’s a lot like real estate.It’s all about location,location, location.The closer you are to the source,the higher your property value.


7、Such a waste of talent.He chose money over power.In this town, a mistake nearly everyone makes.Money is the McMansion in Sarasota that starts falling apart afterten years.Power is the old stone building that stands for centuries.


8、What a martyr craves more than anything a sword to fall on,so you sharpen the blade,hold it at just the right angle,and then 3, 2, 1–

烈士最渴求的就是壮烈牺牲,所以你磨好兵刃,调整好角度,默数三 二 一…….

9、Oh, and if you do decide to take the coward’s way out,cut along the tracks, not across them.That’s a rookie mistake.


10、The most important count I do has nothing to do withwork.It’s the number of days since April 4, 1999.As of this morning,that’s 5,185.The bigger that number gets, the more it frightensme,because I know all it takes is one drink to go back to zero.Most people see fear as a weakness. It can be.Sometimes for my job, I have to put fear in other people.I know that’s not right.But if I’m honest, like the fourth step asks us to be,I have to be ruthless, because failure is not an option. The same goes for my sobriety.I have to be ruthless with myself.I have to use my fear.It makes me stronger .Like everyone in this room, I can’t control who I am.But I can control the zero.Fuck the zero.

对我最重要的数字跟工作无关,而是从1999年4月4日至今的天数,截止今早 一共有5185天。数字越大我越感到害怕,因为我知道一杯酒就能让数字清零。很多人认为恐惧是弱点,有时是的,有时由于工作的关系我要让他人生惧,我知道那样不对,但如果按第四步说的那样实话实说,我必须残忍 因为我不能失败,戒酒也是如此。要对自己残忍,我得利用恐惧,它让我变得坚强,就像在座各位我无法改变本性,但我能掌控那个零,让那个零去死吧。

11、I must not lose my resolve.I will march forward,even if I have to do so…alone.


12、Speculation is a poor form of investment and an equally poor form of politics.


13、There is no solace above or below.Only us… Small, solitary,battling one another.I pray to myself, for myself.

天堂地狱都没法给你慰藉,只有我们自己, 渺小 孤独,奋斗 与彼此抗争,我向自己祈祷为自己祈祷

14、Not an easy thing to say no to the most powerful man in the free world.Sometimes the only way to gain your superior’s respect is to defy him.

对自由世界最有权势的人说不,可不容易 有些时候,想要赢得上司的尊重,就只能违抗他。

15、Friends make the worst enemies.


16、You know what Francis said to me when he proposed?I remember his exact words.Hesaid, “Claire, if all you want is happiness,Say no.I’m not gonna give you a couple of kids and count the days until retirement.I promise you freedom from that.I promise you’ll never be bored.”

你知道弗兰西斯向我求婚时说什么吗?他说的每个字我都记得。他说 克莱尔如果你只想要幸福,那就拒绝吧,我不会跟你生一堆孩子,然后数着日子退休,我保证你免受这些痛苦,也永远不会无聊。

17、Proximity to power deludes some into believing they wield it. I put an end to that sort of thinking before it begins.

接近权力让一些人错以为他们拥有权力 我要把这种错觉扼杀在萌芽中

18、It only takes ten seconds to crush a man’s ambitions. I need to take care that I protect mine.

十秒钟就足以摧毁一个人的雄心 我得小心保护自己的雄心

19、 Once someone is exposed,they’re at your mercy.

一个人的目的一旦暴露 他们就得听你发落

20 、We may have our disagreements, Linda, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look out for each other.

我们虽有分歧 但不代表我们不能互相照应

21、A great man once said that everything in life is about sex.. Except sex.Sex is about power.

一位伟人曾经说过 .生活的一切都和性有关,除了性本身,性关乎权力。

22、So you need a whore, which makes you a pimp.I’m not a pimp. Just a very generous John.Fine. As long as we’re clear about what this is,I can play the whore. Now pay me.


23、which means he’s one step above me and one below Birch, which is akin to being between a very hungry wolf and a very quarrelsome sheep. Let’s see if he stays with the herd or joins the pack.


24、Love of family. Most politicians are permanently chained to that slogan… family values. But when you cozy up to hookers and I find out,I will make that hypocrisy hurt.


25、The rational and the irrational complement each other. Individually, they are far less powerful.


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